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    • Here users have filled in the company “sellers.json information” details.
    • ASI (Advertising system identifier)*: The advertising system identifier is the domain name of the advertising system.
    • Contact Address*: The business address of the advertising system.
    • Contact Email address*: An email address to use to contact the Advertising System for questions or inquiries about this file.
    • Version*: The version of this spec, currently the only valid value is 1.0
    • Identifiers Type: Identifier objects associated with this advertising system. Examples could be TAG-Ids, Dun, or any custom identifier that a consuming advertising system might need.
  1. Once a user is done filling in all details, click on the submit button. After that download option will get enabled automatically.
  2. Download the sellers.json file & then upload that file on your(User) websites without editing the file content & file name.
  3. Below is the Sample Content.
  4. For more details  — >

How to use Sellers.json?

  • The user has to fill in the following information on the console.
    • Seller Partner information is under the partner tab.
    • Sellers.json Infomation is under the Seller.json tab.
  • Once the above details are filled in, seller information will be forwarding in schain object in a bid request.
  • The SupplyChain(schain) object enables buyers to see all parties who are selling or reselling a given bid request. This information can be important to buyers for any number of reasons including transparency of the supply chain, ensuring that all intermediaries are entities that the buyer wants to transact with, and that inventory is purchased as directly as possible. The implementation should be as transparent as possible to buyers. It should enable them to easily understand who it is that is participating in the sale of any piece of inventory.
  • To view the ORTB extension object Please refer to the link.


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