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Endpoint Report –  Filter Section

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Endpoint Report –  Filter Section

Here user can see date wise report by default, this page allows you to play with multiple filter options to analyze the data.

    • Group By:- This is a drop-down tab; here user can group the data using “Group by the filter”. Group by filter has 12 different options to group data by, which are as follows:
      • Date
      • DSPEndpoint
      • SSPEndpoint
      • Country
      • Media channel
      • OS
      • Browser
      • Size
      • Environment
      • SSP Partner
      • DSP Partner
      • DeviceType
    • Period:– Here user can check data Period It has 6 different options as below.
      • CurrentMonth
      • Today
      • Yesterday
      • Last 7days
      • Last month
      • Custom dates: If you select “Custom date” from the drop-down, then 2 different fields will reflect on page “From Date” & “To Date”.
    • SSP Endpoint: – Here user can select a particular SSP from the drop-down list.
    • DSP Endpoint:– Here user can select a particular DSP from the drop-down list.
    • Size:– Here user can select different sizes from the drop-down, as per requirement.
    • Media channel:– Here user can select “media channel” from the drop-down list.
      • Banner
      • video
      • Native
    • Device Type: – Here admin can select “Device Type” from the drop-down.
        • Desktop
        • Tablet
        • Mobile
        • Smart TV or Set-Top Box
    • Environment: – Here user can select “Environment” from the drop-down.
      • Web
      • App
    • Country: – Here user can select “Country” from a drop-down list as per requirement.
    • OS: – Here user can select “OS (Operating System)” from the drop-down list.
    • Browser: – Here user can select “Browser” from the drop-down list.
    • Apply & Reset button 
      • After applying any combination of filters, the user has to click on the Apply button then the only user will be able to see the result in the Report Section of the page.
      • Reset Button is used to set filters back to normal selection or default selection of the system.
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