Cookie Sync

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Cookie Sync

It also called cookie matching, is a process that enables the platforms (SSPs, DSPs, DMP’s) to synchronize their cookies and share the user’s data from the various Publisher’s websites with each other. In this way, Demand partners are able to know about the user and return the right bid with proper matching creatives.

How to setup Cookie Sync on our Platform :
DSP Side :

Once a user creates DSP Endpoint. Then, the user can go to the edit DSP endpoint page scroll down the page user will see the Cookie Sync Url and Copy that URL, and then share it with the Demand Partner.
for ex:[COOKIE_ID]

cookie_ID will be sent to partner in bid request as BuyerUID

SSP Side :

After creating an SSP endpoint. Then the user has to take the Sync URL from SSP Partner, then paste that Sync URL on our Cookies Sync URL field. Make sure to replace the macro ${USER_ID} with [COOKIE_ID] before entering the cookie sync URL. For Example: If the user got the below URL from the SSP partner, then replace the ${USER_ID} with [COOKIE_ID] and then paste on cookie sync Url.
Sync URL from SSP partner —${USER_ID}
The final URL after replacing –[COOKIE_ID]

Now URL is ready, the user can paste the above URL.