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Publisher List

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Publisher List

  • Here user needs to add the Publisher list by clicking on Add Publisher List button on the top right-side corner of the page
  • Users can Edit , Download and Delete the created file.
  • Once a user clicks on ADD Publisher LIST user will be redirected to Create Publisher List information.
    • For bulk upload, the user can download Sample File which will get downloaded in .csv format.
    • Users can upload 2 types of files here .txt or .csv file, the File size must be less than 1 MB.
    • Under Publisher information, the user needs to mention file “Name” & select “List type.”
    • Name The user has to enter the Name of the file here.
    • List Type  User needs to decide whether they have to allow or deny that file at “Endpoint Level 
    • For uploading, the user can Drag and drop a file in a given field.
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